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One year after taking its first steps into the realm of intergovernmental activities, the Center for Intergovernmental Partnerships is excited to celebrate its anniversary.

From the start, the Center recognized the magnitude of the interwoven intergovernmental relationships and discovered that some were not functioning optimally. Through partnerships with over 25 government agencies, associations, and private organizations, the Center strived to improve its understanding of specific intergovernmental gaps and the goals of the various organizations. Every one of these groups wants to make a difference in their communities and improve the nation’s numerous intergovernmental systems, and the Center plans to help them accomplish their goals.

The Center recognized that simply making information available was a big part of accomplishing some of these goals. Subsequently, it collates and shares best practices, innovations, and solutions through events and promotes similar work through Federalism.us. The Center hosted and supported over 12 events in its first year and curated over 30 blog posts to promote other intergovernmental information and thought leadership.  

The Center also recognizes that building relationships and hosting discussions is only a piece of the more extensive work required for lasting change or improvement for struggling intergovernmental systems. Conducting research to identify, evaluate, and promote practical, innovative policy adaptations is another critical component of the Center’s work. Through a Pew Charitable Trusts grant, the Center embarked on an analysis of state-level business regulation adaptations during the pandemic. This research project allows the Center to connect with state agencies across the country to understand their perspectives, struggles, tactics, and solutions.

Relationships, information sharing, and targeted research are the foundations of the Center’s successes in the intergovernmental field. However, these efforts would be impossible without the generous support of the Center’s underwriters. The National Association of Counties, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and The Kerr Foundation Inc.’s contributions helped make the concept of Academy Fellows and staff members a reality. Thanks to the underwriters, the Center can foster cross-governmental relationships, raise awareness of intergovernmental issues, and provide resources to those who want to improve governance at all levels.

We look forward to continuing the challenging, vital work of improving the intergovernmental system in the coming years.

The Center's 1st Anniversary Celebration
(Left to Right) Nancy Augustine, Brad Riley, and Miles Murphy. Zamira Rodriguez was unavailable at the time of the photo, despite planning the event.

Please listen to this interview with the Center’s Director or read this press release for more information about the Center’s Anniversary.

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